Outdoor Lighting Accents by Landscape Medics of Green Bay

Lighting Accents

After putting substantial time and effort into having that perfect space to share, you want people to see it in the best possible light. With a wide variety of outdoor lighting accent concepts and styles at your disposal, guests will be able to admire your yard longer than in just day time.  Create more time to marvel at your body of work day and night.

Improve Security with a Well-Lit Home

Lighting can be used to highlight anything your heart desires. Low voltage outdoor lighting will illuminate a whole home for 20 cents a night. The accents are preferably LED, angled up or down for both beauty and security. All lights are powered through low voltage high-gauge copper wire that prevents voltage drops. Fixtures feature a strong powder coat, baked-on finish. Lights can be integrated into your stairs or bricks in patio, to truly set your home apart. Now that’s something to see!

Highlight Beauty with Well-Placed Lights

Showcasing the architecture of your home or business is often as simple as a few well-placed up-lights. Silhouetting a prominent tree or art feature creates a poetic effect behind your target. Down lights or “moonlighting” creates a distinctive ambiance for your property. Flood lights highlight specific portions of your landscape and also attract attention to attractive patterns of your property. When designed correctly, lighting accents add interest and beauty to any backdrop.

Design Lighting Accents to Fit Your Style

Integrate lighting accents at your home or business by:

• Installing a hidden fixture below your waterfall or pond to provide the soft, diffused look of natural, glistening light. 

• Adding a specialized flood light on your pillars, displaying the family or business name and address. Well-placed up-lighting looks superb as it glows at night. Angled lighting adds a dramatic effect and serves as a way-finding guide.

• Illuminating your pathway with lighting above or below the stairs. This safely lights the way without taking attention away from other design features.

Make Your Outdoor Space Shine

Make your outdoor space exceptional with lighting accents designed and installed by the experts at Landscape Medics. In the Green Bay area, call or text Tony at 920-434-8290.

Holiday Lighting by Landscape Medics

This busy holiday season, display your good side! Give the outside of your home a dazzling gift. “Weather” it’s simply a perfectly lighted roofline or your entire yard, we provide exceptional holiday lighting, sure to put you on the “nice” list. We take care of everything and the décor lighting is yours to keep. Schedule now and experience your holiday lighting…. you can hardly wait to see!