Pergola by Landscape Medics of Green Bay


Often, we are asked, “What exactly is a pergola? Is it like a gazebo or something?”

Enjoy the Open-Air Roof

A pergola is an open structure that can serve as an inspiring focal point of a yard or garden. Like a gazebo, wooden pergolas provide a shaded canopy overhead to minimize the hot summer sun. Additionally, the pergola’s open-air roof allows the perfect amount of sunlight to cascade through. Pergolas can have walls, if you prefer. Pergolas are generally detached but can be easily connected to your existing structure to give them that outdoor-room appeal.

Experience the Cascading Sunlight

When Landscape Medics plans a new pergola, we design it to cast the perfect shadows at the perfect times. Adding an ergonomically designed cypress swing, that will last a lifetime, really adds a nice touch. Our swings come fully customizable to include cup holders, springs, even names and quote engravings. We will do what it takes to make the pergola truly special to you.

Before and after Pergola build:

Customize Your Pergola Design

Take your pergola to the next level by:
• Adding climbing plants that wrap around the structure to add a brilliant aesthetic. Hops is a hardy perennial that spreads well  or consider hydrangea vines for some elegant flowering effects. 

• Placing stone pillars at the base of each support beam. Pillars provide a strong and appealing design aesthetic to the structure.

• Integrating lighting features to illuminate the interior or the exterior, surrounding yard area at night. Landscape Medics can wire lights into the pergola.

Let Us Create Your Pergola Today

To liven up your yard with a wooden pergola in the Green Bay area, call or text Tony at 920-434-8290.